Safe Tech Ltd.
is a manufacturer representative company, with diversified activities in Safety Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Risk Management, Instrumentation and Gas Technology:


• Fixed and portable monitoring systems for gases and vapors.

• Gas Technology applications for food products (CAP, MAP).

• Calibration instrumentation for monitoring systems.

• Supply of Gas System Hardware and Components.

• Waste Water Treatment plants instrumentation.

• Non-ionizing Radiation survey instrumentation.

• Toxic Gas Scrubbers and filling materials.

• RADON gas monitoring instrumentation.

• Process analysis instrumentation. 

• MSDS generation.

• Gas Generators.


Consulting Services

We specialize in safety engineering and gas technology related activities.

• Design of specialty gas Supply System (toxic, flammable and high-purity gases).

• Training and drilling of ERT (Emergency Response Teams).

• HAZMAT Emergency reparedness Plan preparation.

• Selection of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).

• Promoting the approval of new Plants.

• HAZMAT Transportation and Storage.

• Selection of Gas Monitoring systems.

• Employee and Management training.

• Post-Accident Investigation.

• Disposal of Gas Cylinders.

• Toxic Waste Disposal. 

 Approved By: The Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Environmental Protection

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